Vanquis Advert Song – Walk Tall

Credit card provider Vanquis have released this brand new advert titled “Walk Tall” featuring a cat walking on its hind legs through a busy marketplace. The cat turns some heads from both pets and people alike as the feline calmly struts through the market street

The cat then manages to dodge some flying cucumbers that were knocked over by a passer by. A voice-over then says “start your journey with a better credit score with a Vanquis credit card”.

Vanquis specialise in providing credit cards to customers with no credit score or have had their applications turned down by vendors for credit score reasons. These cards usually start with a low credit limit but gives users the opportunity to improve their credit score by paying on time.

All of this allows their customers to ‘Walk Tall’ knowing that they have credit available to them when needed.

The music in the Vanquis Walk Tall advert

Music: Walk Tall | Artist : Val Doonican

The music in the Vanquis walking cat advert is a country song called ‘Walk Tall’ written by American songwriter Don Wayne.

The song was first recorded in 1964 by Irish singer Val Doonican. His version reached number 3 on the UK Singles Chart and number 2 in Ireland. This was Doonican’s first British chart success.

Listen to the full track on this YouTube video:

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