Samsung S21 Ultra Zoom advert music

Samsung have released another Galaxy S21 advert titled ‘Zoom into epic expression’ featuring music by

This time their advert is focusing on the incredible zoom functionality of the smartphone’s cameras. The ad shows a man wearing a beanie hat performing some sleak dance moves while we see various different camera shots of him at 1x, 2x, 3x and 10x zoom.

The short commercial concludes with the tagline “Epic zoom for epic expression”.

The music in the Samsung Galaxy S1 Ultra Zoom advert

Music: Drip | Artist : Dillon Francis & Boombox Cartel ft. Desiigner

The music in the Samsung Galaxy S1 Ultra Zoom advert is an electro-dance song that was released in 2019 called ‘Drip’. The track featuring the lyrics “look at my drip, drip, drip” was recorded by American electronic musician, record producer and DJ Dillon Francis alongside Los Angeles-based DJ act Boombox Cartel. The rapping vocals are provided by American rapper and singer-songwriter Sidney Royel Selby III (better known by his stage name Desiigner).

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The full track can be watched on Dillon Francis’ official YouTube Channel: