Renault Zoe E-TECH – Advert Music

Renault have released a new moving advert for their Renault ZOE-E-TECH electric car. Here are the song and singer details for the ad.

In the 60-second commercial we see a mother and father generously giving their son a brand-new Renault Zoe E-TECH before he leaves home.

We see the father open up the garage door to reveal the super-mini car much to his son’s delight. He then shows how to charge the car and acknowledges a thank-you stare from his son before he drives away.

We then see the joy that the youngster gets from his new car; picking up up friends, going on rural road trips and returning to the city. He then pulls down the sun visor where a family photo drops down. The ad cleverly highlights the excellent range of up to 245 miles for the car.

There is a note on the reverse of the picture saying “Home is less than 245 miles away x”. The advert concludes with a voice-over confirming “Renault Zoe E-TECH, up to 245 miles of range to go wherever life takes you”.

The music in the Renault Zoe E-TECH advert

Music: Go Solo | Artist : Tom Rosenthal

The music in the new Renault Zoe E-TECH advert is a song called “Go Solo” recorded by English singer-songwriter and composer Tom Rosenthal. The artist who has released 5 albums to date has done so on his own label, Tinpot Records. His songs have had over 200 million streams of Spotify.

As we can see with this advertising campaign, London-based Rosenhall also writes music for a number of soundtracks, short films and advertisements.

The song in this advert with the lyrics “Oh I go solo, I’m making my way home” was released in 2014 taken from Rosenhall’s first EP ‘The Pleasant Trees’ as a digital download.

The song can been listened to in full on his official YouTube video below:

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