Pandora 2021 Valentine’s Day advert Song – I’m In Love

Pandora 2021 Valentine’s Day advert in full. Here’s the latest advert by Pandora titled “How a Little Act of Love is the Perfect Valentines Day Gift”. The commercial shows how some of the best valentine’s gifts are the one’s where the gesture means a lot more than simply a shiny gift. One example in the advert is where a man shows up at his girlfriend’s place of work to hold up a sign saying “I love you and I want the world to know”. Another is taking the time to make a very messy cake (it’s the thought that counts).

However the ad does show a man taking his girlfriend to the drive-thru cinema and hides a Pandora box in a bucket of popcorn much to her delight.

The music in the advert

Music: I’m In Love | Artist : Jean Luc Leonardon, Eric Starczan, Christophe Deschamps, Vincent Perrot & Jennifer Jordan

The music in the 2021 Pandora Valentines Day advert is a song called ‘I’m In Love’ recorded in 2015 by a group of musicians including French singer songwriter Jean-Luc L√©onardon and Jennifer Jordan. The song is taken from their studio album ‘The Vintage Sul Era’

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