Michael Hill Advert Song – Make Their Christmas

Jewellery retailer Michael Hill have released their Christmas 2021 advert titled ‘Make Their Christmas’. The ad begins with a family living in the mountains where a little boy makes his own custom-made jewellery to give to his friend Alice, a woman called Alice and his teacher for Christmas.

Finally the boy gives a present to his mum for Christmas which contains a beautiful which (with the help of his dad) is purchased from Michael Hill.

The brand is sending the message that “The most meaningful gift is one that comes with? thought, effort, time & love”. The ad concludes with the boy embracing his mum while him and his dad exchange winks.

The music in the Michael Hill Christmas advert

Music: Only You | Artist : Yazoo

The music in the Michael Hill Christmas 2021 advert is the 1982 hit song ‘Only You’ by English synth-pop duo Yazoo. Written by member Vince Clarke, “Only You” was released as Yazoo’s debut single becoming an instant success on the UK Singles chart peaking at number 2.

The vocals in the song are provided by band member Alison Moyet.

Liten to the full track on their official YouTube video:

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