Gucci Link to Love Advert Song – Where Is The Love

The new Gucci advert for 2021 showcases Gucci’s Link To Love jewellery collection comprising styles in different finishes, textures and widths. In the commercial we see male and female models touching hands and showing off various different styles of rings. The 60-second advert with pink background throughout then concludes with the tag #GuccciLinkToLove.

The music in the Gucci Link to Love advert

Music: Where Is The Love | Artist : Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway

The music in the 2021 Gucci Link To Love advert is a song called ‘Where Is The Love’ recorded in 1972 by American singer Roberta Flack and American soul singer-songwriter Donny Hathaway.

The song was written by Ralph MacDonald and William Salter. Flack and Hathaway’s recording of ‘Where Is The Love’ peaked at number five on the us Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

Listen to the full song on this YouTube video on Donny Hathaway’s channel:

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