2021 McDonald’s McCafé Advert – Kerching

McDonald’s have released this new advert for 2021 titled ‘Kerching’ promoting their cheaper hot drinks alternatives to expensive café drinks.

In the ad we see people spending out on their expensive coffees to the sound of a cash register going “Kerching”.

Towards the end of the advert we see a man negotiating a crowd in an underground walkway with a tray of coffees in hand. He bumps in to someone to send the coffees flying on to the floor. The ad then switches to a girl on a bench enjoying a McCafé. A voice-over then says “daily coffee costing a fortune? Our white coffee is just 99p. Great coffee, great price”

The music in the 2021 McDonald’s McCafé advert

Music: Got Your Money | Artist : ODB (feat. Kelis)

The music in the 2021 McDonald’s McCafé advert is a song called ‘Get Your Money’ released in 1999 by American rapper ODB and American singer-songwriter Kelis.

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