Magnum X Advert Music – Naomi Lareine

This new 2021 Magnum X ice cream advert stars singer Naomi Lareine and music by the same artist.

In the commercial we see Naomi doing a photo-shoot for her latest song. A member of the production crew is observing the set while eating a Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire ice cream. Later we see Naomi in the back of a car also indulging in a Magnum X ice cream.

The music in the Magnum X advert

Music: Limitless | Artist : Naomi Lareine

The music in the 2021 Magnum advert is the song called ‘Limitless’ which was released this year by R7B singer-songwriter Naomi Lareine.

Recognised as one of Switzerland’s most promising voices, Lareine is based in Zurich. The Swiss singer released her debut 7-track digital EP called ‘Unchained’ in 2019.

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