Andrex Advert Music – Clean is a Feeling

This 2021 Andrex advert titled ‘Clean is a Feeling’ features music by Atomic Drum Assembly. The commercial has a completely new style for the brand. In the advert we see a series of camera shots of people’s backsides.

The relentless views of behinds and bottoms is supposed to inform us that “Clean is I’m still in the game, Clean is I’m free, Clean is I’m on fire, Clean is I’m ready and finally Clean is Andrex. Just before viewers thought Andrex had neglected their beloved dog, the final scene is of a cute Labrador Retriever walking through the grass. Of course this is a rear end view however!

The music in the 2021 Andrex advert

Music: Jump In | Artist : Atomic Drum Assembly

The music in the 2021 Andrex advert is a song called “Jump In” released in 2019 by London-based music production duo Atomic Drum Assembly. The full track can be listened to on their official YouTube video below

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