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Amstel – Bridges On Bridges

Music: Building Bridges | Artist : Banjamin Woodgates

Amstel - Bridges On Bridges

Heineken-owned Amstel promote their beer with this TV advert starring American actor and singer Jeff Bridges. He talks up is love of beer and reflects on the power of bridges

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Heineken – 0.0 Now You Can – Meeting

Music: It’s Your Thing | Artist: The Isley Brothers

Heineken - 0.0 Now You Can

This new Heineken advert for 2019 promotes their non-alcoholic beer 0.0. The ad is set at a business meeting where a man pulls a bottle of beer from underneath the…

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Heineken 0.0 – Now You Can

Music: It’s Your Thing | Artist : The Isley Brothers

Heineken 0.0 - Now You Can

This clever advert by Heineken features a man in his parked car appearing to drink Heineken when a police officer approaches. The driver indicates to the officer that the drink…

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Heineken – Moderate Drinkers Wanted

Music Track: Holding Out For A Hero (cover)

Music Artist: Soundtree

Heineken - Moderate Drinkers Wanted></a><br>If you rush the “before”, you’ll miss the “after” say Heineken in this advert which encourages moderate</p>
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