Jet2 Holidays advert music – Hold My Hand

Jet2 Holidays have re-released their advert in 2021 now that lockdown restrictions may start easing. We have the song and singer information below.

The ‘Package Holidays You Can Trust’ campaign started back in 2016 and this advert has stood the test of time featuring families enjoying their fun-filled holidays abroad.

From sunny beaches to water slides and resort evening entertainment, this commercial has it all as we see a child excitedly holding the hand of their parent through all the adventures.

The music in the advert

Music: Hold My Hand | Artist : Jess Glynne

The music in the Jet2 Holidays advert is a song called ‘Hold My Hand’ released in 2015 by English singer-songwriter Jess Glynne. ‘Hold My Hand’ was the third solo single for Glynne which reached number one in the UK Singles Chart staying there for three weeks.

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