EasyJet Holidays – Hide & Seek

This debut 2019 advert from Easyjet Holidays titled ‘Hide & Seek’ is part of a campaign to launch the new flexible holidays business.

This playful commercial begins with a girl counting to ten as a giant game of hide and seek unfolds. The game spans a series of holiday destinations including the Algarve, a souk in Marrakech, the mountains of Iceland and an infinity pool in Santorini.

This is to highlight the range of destinations and hotels available to customers who choose EasyJet Holidays. The ad concludes by saying “The search is over”.

The music in the EasyJet Holidays advert 2019

Music: Zucchero E Pepe | Artist : Bruno Rosettani & Trio Aurora

The music in the EasyJet Holidays Hide & Seek Advert is a 1950’s song called “Zucchero e Pepe” by Italian singer and record producer Bruno Rosettani and Trip Aurora.

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