Easyjet – Imagine

Easyjet “calls all explorers” with this TV ad to illustrate that an adventure is just one flight away with over 150 destinations by the airline.

The commercial begins with a women on a flight who peers out the window and begins to daydream. We see all kinds of creative scenes from people swimming in clouds to inflatable streets.

The music in the advert

Music: Dreams | Artist: Cat Power

The music in the advert is a cover of the 1958 song All I Have To Do Is Dream written by Boudleaux Bryant and made famous by the Everly Brothers. The version in the ad called “Dreams” is performed by American singer-songwriter Cat Power (real name Charlyn Marie “Chan” Marshall).

Locating this version of the single is proving difficult as it was released as a bonus track in 2006 which is no longer listed with iTunes. It may be re-released as a result of this commercial. In the mean time, here is a YouTube video of the track.

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