Easyjet Imagine advert music - Dream

Easyjet – Imagine

 Easyjet “calls all explorers” with this TV ad to illustrate that an adventure is just one flight away with over 150 destinations by the airline. The commercial begins with a women on a flight who peers out the window and begins to daydream. We see all kinds of creative

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Easyjet Why Not advert song - Lil' Devil

Easyjet – #WhyNot?

 This Easyjet advert titled ‘Why Not?” invites viewers to explore all that Europe has to offer. It features a woman experiencing all the thrills that can be had in a European holiday (in an airport hangar). From water skiing to flowers, sun, sea, sand and snow. It has everything!

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Easyjet Holiday Moments advert song

Easyjet – Holiday Moments

 This 2012 Easyjet Advert titled ‘Holiday Moments’ gets us in to the summer mood by showing us various people arriving at their sunny destinations. Whether it be relaxing on the beach, playing with the kids or enjoying a relaxing massage, this ad is sure to get you planning your

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