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EasyJet Holidays – Hide & Seek

Music: Zucchero E Pepe | Artist : Bruno Rosettani & Trio Aurora

EasyJet Holidays - Hide & Seek Advert Song

This debut 2019 advert from EasyJet Holidays titled ‘Hide & Seek’ is part of a campaign to launch the new flexible holidays business. This playful commercial begins with a girl…

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Easyjet – Imagine

Music: Dreams | Artist : Cat Power

Easyjet - Imagine

Easyjet “calls all explorers” with this TV ad to illustrate that an adventure is just one flight away with over 150 destinations by the airline. The music in the advert…

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Easyjet – #WhyNot?

Music Track: Lil’ Devil

Music Artist: MagnusTheMagus

Easyjet - #WhyNot?
Easyjet invites viewers to explore Europe in this TV ad with the hashtag #WhyNot? It features a woman experiencing all the thrills that

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