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Music: You Don’t Wanna Play With Us | Artist : TheUnder & Robyn The Bank - #DOYOURTHING

This advert by Boohoo is not specifically a Christmas 2018 TV ad but is certainly timely. The ad showcases some party pieces that would definitely go down well for the…

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Music: You Don’t Wanna Play With Us | Artist : TheUnder & Robyn The Bank - Do Your Thing have released this TV advert promoting their latest clothing line by featuring their models to the backdrop of popular locations in New York. The online fashion retailer uses the hashtag #DOYOURTHING…

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Boohoo – #ThisIsSummer

Music: With You | Artist : DUSK & M.O.

Boohoo - #ThisIsSummer

Boohoo promote their summer clothing line suitable for sun, sand and pool parties with this sizzling TV advert entitled “This Is Summer”…

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Boohoo – #MoreThanJustAGirl

Music Track: What If I Go?

Music Artist: Mura Masa

Boohoo - #MoreThanJustAGirl
The Spring 2016 TV ad from uses the hashtag #MoreThanJustAGirl featuring various girls showcasing the latest products for the

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Boohoo – WeAreUs

Music Track: Where Do We Go

Music Artist: Lion Babe

Boohoo - WeAreUs Trans say it’s about wearing what you want, how you want it with this TV ad which features

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Boohoo – Aw13

Music Track: Yoyo

Music Artist: Little Nikki

Boohoo - Aw13
BooHoo’s advert promoting their Autumn/Winter 2013 collection features a track by Little Nikki (as did their previous promotion. Called

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