Debenhams Spring Summer 2021 - Advert Music

Debenhams Spring Summer 2021 – Advert Music

Debenhams have surprisingly released a new advert for Spring/Summer 2021 featuring music by Loving Caliber. The commercial promotes fashion, beauty and home products that can be delivered to customer’s doors. The retailer which used to dominate the UK’s high streets has gone in to liquidation forcing the household name to

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Debenhams - Autumn Winter 2019 advert

Debenhams – Autumn Winter 2019

This new advert by Debenhams promotes their Autumn/Winter 2019 collection inviting viewers to “Do a bit of Debenhams”.  The commercial showcases some eye-catching and trend-setting dresses by showing negative, descriptive words being crossed-out and replaced by more positive notions. From Gloom to Boom, Fluffy to Fierce and Shabby to

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