Boots Health Hub Advert Music

This new Boots advert say that “Our Health Is As Individual As We Are” as the British health and beauty retailer promotes the Boots Health Hub.

The advert shows various people suffering from various symptoms as they access the in-store service for expert advice and medication.

The retailer says that with their “online health hub and in store expertise, we’ll help find what’s right for you”. The ad concludes with their tagline: “Boots, with you for life”.

The music in the Boots Health Hub advert

Song: Girl’s Gotta
Artist: Danger Twins
Album: Just Got Real
Listen/Download: Amazon Music
Released: 2018

The music in the Boots Health Hub advert is a song called ‘Girl’s Gotta’ released in 2018 by American indie duo ‘Danger Twins’. The song was released form the band’s studio album ‘Just Got Real’.

The Danger Twins are regulars in our listings of TV advert music artists. Their music has been used in various adverts including those by Samsung, Seat, Intel, Google Pixel and Lexus.