Churchill Advert song – Dog on Slide

Churchill insurance have released this new advert for 2021 once again featuring the iconic British bulldog. This time, the Churchill dog enjoys a smooth, slow ride down a bumpy slide. After their previous advert where the dog enjoyed a chilled out skateboarding session, it’s time to move on to slides. The successful ad campaign continues to air in 2022.

In the commercial a voice-over then says “Should life come to a stop, we’ll give you up to £100 for immediate expenses so you can keep moving. Oh yes!… Chill”. This is a reference to Churchill’s policy whereby if a customers’ home is uninhabitable or car is undriveable, they’ll give up to £100 for immediate expenses while Churchill take care of their customer’s claim.

The music in the 2021-2022 Churchill Dog Slide advert

Music: Morals | Artist : Africa Express & various artists

The music in the Churchill Dog Slide advert is a song called ‘Morals’ recorded in 2019 by a musical collaboration, namely Africa Express, Moonchild Sanelly, Mohotella Queens, Muzi and Mrs Jukes.

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