Airbnb Advert Music 2021 – Landslide

Here is the new Airbnb 2021 commercial titled ‘Landslide’ featuring a song by Robyn Sherwell. In the advert we see a slideshow of images taken by Cole Barash; a photographer who visited the New England coast for a weekend of surfing and llama spotting with his family.

During their excursion, they stayed at Saltwater Cottage in Narragansett, Rhode Island. They then headed to a host called Rob at his seaside apartment in Princetown, MA. The series of moving images really captures the enjoyment of travel made by the family.

The Airbnb advert then draws to a close by stating “Stays for staying close. Made possible by Hosts.”

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The music in the 2021 Airbnb Landslide advert

Music: Landslide (Cover) | Artist : Robyn Sherwell

The music in the 2021 Airbnb advert is a cover version of a song called “Landslide” that was originally released in 1975 by British-American pop band Fleetwood Mac.

Want to know who the artist covering the song in this particular TV advert music? Well, we have it for you thanks to our researchers. You have most likely figured out by now that in order to avoid the poor quality and copied content of other tv advert music sites found on Google pages, Sounds Familiar is the best source on the internet to get reliable, accurate and original content in this field.

So without further ado, the cover version was recorded in 2016 by British singer-songwriter Robyn Sherwell. You can watch and listen to the full music video of the song from YouTube below.

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