Churchill – Chill (Skateboarding Dog) Advert

A new advert by Churchill insurance has a new look and feel compared to their previous campaigns.

The commercial features the beloved British Bulldog appearing very chilled out while riding a skateboard through a city centre. The skateboarding dog appears to have complete confidence Weaving around the road while enjoying the urban views. A voice-over says “Isn’t this how insurance should make you feel? ooh Yes… So You Can Just… Chill.”

This new style of ad sees the insurance company move away from it’s familiar nodding dog adverts with this familiar pooch always ending the commercial with a verbal “Oh Yes”. Instead they have chosen a voice-over to perform this action.

The music in the Churchill advert

Music: O.D. | Artist : Britney Stoney

The soft music in the background of the Churchill Chill advert is a 2018 song called O.D. by Detroit-based singer-songwriter Britney Stoney.

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