EURO 2020 Sponsor – Advert Song have this official sponsor advert during the UEFA euro 2020 commercial breaks. The ad uses a popular 80’s song (details further below).

Despite the very short ad length, we have had a large number of requests to find out the song in this snippet. There isn’t an official video of the sponsor snippet. So we have provided ad recording of the ad shown at the beginning of the YouTube video above. We have the song and artists details for you below:

What’s the music in the EURO 2020 Sponsor advert ?

Music: Life Is Life | Artist : Opus

The music in the EURO 2020 sponsorship advert is a song called ‘Life Is Live’ recorded in 1984 by Austrian band Opus. In the summer of 1985, this song became a Europe-wide hit reaching number one in 5 European countries and Canada, number 2 in a further four countries and number 6 in the UK Singles Chart.

The song was created during a concert in Oberwart, on 2 September 1984, while the group celebrated its eleventh anniversary. It was recorded in a live version with the audience singing along in the verses. In the lyrics, the song expresses “the enthusiastic attachment of the group to the stage” – Wikipedia.

The song is perhaps most easily recognised by its repetitive crowd response section featuring the lyrics “Na naa na na na”

Listen to the full song in all it’s glory on this YouTube video:

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