EURO 2020 Rivals Reunited – advert song

[UPDATE: If you are looking for the music in the short sponsor advert shown between the commercial breaks during the EUFA EURO 2020 coverage – visit this article ]

This latest EURO 2020 advert shows how despite tensions between football fans, no matter how big those rivalries, proves that it all stays on the pitch

The 30-second ad shows rivals who have travelled to watch their country play in the UEFA EURO Championships. A voice-over says “They say that our football rivalries divide us. Yet 62% of us have travelled to enjoy the beautiful game together”.

The travel booking site also says that “love” appears in 1.4 million reviews. The ad concludes by saying “They say were rivals, we know were friends”.

The music in the EURO 2020 Rivals Reunited advert

Music: If I Got It (Your Love Bought It) | Artist : Aaron Frazer

The music in the EURO 2020 advert is a song called ‘If I Got It (Your Love Bought It)’ that was released in 2020 by Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Aaron Frazer.

Listen to the full song on Aaron Fraser’s official YouTube video below:

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