Linkedin Advert Song – We’ll Work It Out Together

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2021 Linkedin Advert Song




Linkedin have launched a new advert titled ‘We’ll Work It Out Together’ featuring music by Vance Joy. In the ad we are told that the world of work is changing as we are shown people taking advantage of the Linkedin network from the comfort of their homes.

From unexpected job hunts, completing courses and communicating with colleagues, “no matter how your world is changing, we’ll work it out together” says the ad.

The music in the LinkedIn advert

Music: Riptide | Artist : Vance Joy

The music playing in the background of the Work It Out Linkedin advert is the backing track to the 2013 song ‘Riptide’ by Australian singer-songwriter Vance Joy.

The song was first released as a track on Joy’s debut EP ‘God Loves You When You’re Dancing’. The song also featured on his debut studio album ‘Dream Your Life Away’. Check out the full track on this YouTube video:

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