2021 Census Day Advert – This Will Be Our Year

This TV advert has launched to promote Census Day 2021 is coming this Sunday 21 March, 2021.

The campaign shows people at their workplaces, children at school and people enjoying everyday life. The ad goes on to explain how “The Census builds a picture of your community, helping make decisions about services like local transport and healthcare.”

The music in the Census Day 2021 advert

Music: This Will Be Our Year (cover) | Artist : The Zombies

The music in the Census Day 2021 commercial is a cover version of a song called ‘This Will Be Our Year’ recorded in 1968 by English rock band The Zombies. The song featuring the lyrics “This will be our year, took a long time to come” was taken from the band’s second studio album ‘Odyssey and Oracle’.

The version in the advert however is performed by Norwich musicians José McGill and The Vagaband, who can actually be seen briefly towards the end of the advert.

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