McDonald’s – Grand Big Mac

This new McDonald’s advert showcases the temporary return of the Grand Big Mac burger to the sound of a classic Roxette song. A voice on the advert says “Spend even longer with the taste you love” while we see a man eating the larger Grand Big Mac. The voice-over then says “nothing lasts forever” as it is revealed that the burgers which were originally released two years ago have only returned to MacDonald’s outlets until 24 March.

The music in the advert

Music: It Must Have Been Love | Artist : Roxette

The song played in the 2020 McDonald’s Grand Big Mac advert is the 1987 hit “It Must Have Been Love” by Swedish pop duo Roxette. The song became one of the band’s best selling tracks being certified gold or platinum in a number of countries.

Four different versions of the song have been released. The most successful being the edited 1990 version which provided the soundtrack for the movie Pretty Woman.

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