Royal British Legion – They Still Go

This advert by the Royal British Legion tells viewers how every year, thousands of people make huge sacrifices to serve in our Armed Forces.

The commercial shown in black and white shows images of service men and women carrying out their duties in various different situations and surroundings. A voice-over says “They are young, they might not come back, they can lose their friends” and many other sacrifices. After each short statement, the voice-over says “They Still Go”. A message is then displayed saying “Every day, we assist ex-service personnel in their physical and mental rehabilitation into civilian life.”

The Royal British Legion was founded in 1921 and is a British charity providing financial, social and emotional support to members and veterans of the British Armed Forces.

The music in the advert

Music: An Ending. A Beginning | Artist : Dustin O’Halloran

The piano music in the Royal British Legion “They Still Go” advert is taken from a song called ‘An Ending. A Beginning’ by American pianist and composer Duston O’Halloran. The song was released in 2012 as part of his EP ‘Transcendentalism’.

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