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NFU Mutual – Real Conversations

Music Track: Shout To The Top

Music Artist: The Style Council

This advert by NFU Mutual promotes their various types of insurance covers with this short TV ad. The music in the advert is 1985 hit Shout To The Top by British band The Style Council.

The track was composed by lead singer Paul Weller. The song also appears on the deluxe edition of Our Favourite Shop (1985), and features in the film Billy Elliot (2000) soundtrack.The song can be downloaded from the iTunes and Amazon Music links below.

Download track on iTunes Download track on Amazon Music

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Cate Novis
Cate Novis
3 years ago

Disgusts me. Style Council would have died before endorsing this. If this company wanted to ensure I used any other competitor, then they chose the right strategy. I will never use your company now, on principle.

3 years ago

Did paul weller agree to this song being used for this ad

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