Scottish Widows Advert Music – Power of Questions

Life insurance and pensions company Scottish Widows have released this new 2021 advert titled ‘Power of questions’. The ad which launched alongside Pension Awareness Day features the face of Scottish Widows glancing at people who have questions. The questions include “Am I saving enough in my pension?”, “Can I invest my pension sustainably?” and the all important question “At what age can I retire?”.

A voice-over then says “Scottish Widows, taking on your future together”

Who is the actress in the Scottish Widows 2021 advert ?

The female actress in the Scottish Widows advert is Amber Martinez from Hertfordshire. Appearing since 2014, Amber is the 4th Scottish Widow to feature in their adverts.

Amber Martinez - Scottish Widows Advert
Amber Martinez debut appearance on the Scottish Widows advert in 2014

The music in the Scottish Widows advert

Music: Wait For Me | Artist : Luca D’Alberto

The classical music in the Scottish Widows 2021 advert is a piece by Italian composer, producer and musician Luca D’Alberto called “Wait For Me”. The song features on D’Alberto’s 2017 album ‘Endless’.

An official music video love story was also produced for the song which was directed by Harrier and Zinnerwell. Watched the YouTube video in full below taken from Luca D’Alberto’s channel

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