Lloyds Bank – For Your Next Step

Lloyds Bank continue to use their Black Horse in their latest TV ads. The slow-motion advert video shows the iconic black horse galloping through a hospital ward to the backdrop of some hauntingly beautiful piano music. The horse continues to move through various scenes that appear frozen in time.

A voice-over then says “This is real life. None of us are standing still. We are all about to take the next step”. The ad concludes with a slogan on screen reading ‘For your next step, we’ll be by your side’.

This ad follows on from tha bank’s very successful 250th Anniversary advert last year.

The music in the Lloyds ‘For Your Next Step’ advert

Music: Mad World (Cover) | Artist: Jennifer Ann

The song is a piano cover version of Mad World by Tears for Fears. A song that was first released by the English pop rock band in 1982. It was then covered by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules in 2001. A track which famously reached Christmas number one in 2003.

Listen to the full track on Jennifer Ann’s offical YouTube video

Download track from Amazon

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