Lloyds Bank Advert Music – An Epic Journey

Lloyds Bank have released a new TV advert called “An Epic Journey” featuring music by Aron Wright. The 60-second commercial features the iconic black horse accompanying a foal on an epic journey. The two black horses travel through moorland, woodland, crossing rivers and even reaching mountain ranges. The ad demonstrates how one generation can learn from the other. The tagline is “For every generation”.

Lloyds Bank Advert Music
Lloyds Black horses on an epic journey


Lloyds release their commercials roughly once a year so when they come, they are usually of good quality. With the split of the Lloyds-TSB branches in 2013, Lloyds decided to bring back the iconic black horse for their advertising campaigns. A move which has proven very popular among viewers.

Who sings the music in the new Lloyds Bank advert ?

Music: Look After You | Artist : Aron Wright

The song in the Lloyds Bank 2019 advert is called “Look After You” by American singer-songwriter Aron Wright. Based in Nashville, the music producer has recorded countless songs for TV & Film including Shameless, Lucifer, American Idol and Grey’s Anatomy to name but a few. “Look After You” features in Series 14, Episode 12 of Grey’s Anatomy and also Season 5, Episode 7 of The Originals. [Update] Like last year’s The Running Of The Horses ad, the release of Lloyds’ advert for 2019 has been one of the most Shazzammed tunes the month following it’s release.

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