TikTok Advert – Bored in the House

This new TV advert from TikTok titled “It Starts on TikTok” features a montage of TikTok videos by various online artists including Detroit-based hip-hop artists Curtis Roach. His repetitive song “Bored in the House” features in the advert. We see the musician make a beat by pounding one hand on a table and clicking his fingers. The commercial concludes with the tagline “If it’s in culture, it stars on TikTok”.

The music in the TikTok advert

Music: Bored in the House | Artist : Curtis Roach

The music in the 2020 TikTok advert is a song called “Bored in the house” recorded earlier this year in a collaboration between Detroit hip-hop artist Curtis Roach and American singer-songwriter and rapper Tyga.

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