TikTok Advert Music – Mr Sandman

This new TikTok 2020 advert has landed for summer 2020 titled “A Little Brighter Inside”. The commercial features a remix track of a popular 50’s classic song by The Chordettes. This comes as TikTok has enjoyed a welcome boost in uptake, mainly due to the Coronavirus lock-down.

In the advert we see various celebrities and members of the public being creative to entertain themselves at home during the pandemic.

We see stars such as Olympic diver Tom Daley, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, musician Tinie Tempah and British girl band Littel Mix all getting dressed up as the advert concludes.

The music in the advert

Music: Mr Sandman (Trap remix) | Artist : The Chordettes

The music in the 2020 TikTok advert is a remix of the 1950’s classic hit “Mr Sadnman” famously recorded by the female quartet The Chardettes. The song was written by American producer and songwriter Pat Ballard. Any other versions of the song were recorded.

The version in the advert is a remix by Trap Music. The music video can be watched below.

Download the original Chardettes version from Amazon Music:

Download track on Amazon Music