Volkswagen VW Touareg Advert Music – See The Unseen

Volkswagen promote their new VW Touareg SUV with this advert titled “See The Unseen” that features some soft piano music in the background. The commercial begins with what appears to be an invisible woman taking her dog out for a walk at night-time. We then follow a man who speaks to his wife and daughter via hands phone as he drives home in his Volkswagen Touareg. The man then suddenly gets alerted of an object in front of him in the road.

Volkswagen VW Touareg Advert Music - See The Unseen
Wolkswagen VW Touareg Advert – Night Vision Technology in action.

The Touareg features Night Vision Technology for just this purpose. The man stops the car in ample time for the women to usher her dog from the middle of the road to safety on the roadside. The advert concludes with the tagline “See the unseen, The Touareg with Night Vision”.

The music in the VW Touareg advert ?

Music: and she was | Artist : Carlos Cipa

The piano music in the Volkswagen VW Touareg “See The Unseen” advert is a piece called “and she was” released in 2019 by Munich-based composer and pianist Carlos Cipa.

Below is the full song which can be listened to on YouTube

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