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Skoda SUV Family Advert Music – Whirlpool

Theis ŠKODA SUV Family advert using the tagline ‘Driven by Something Different’ features music by Wanda Jackson.

In the commercial we are shown three models from the SUV family spinning around a dry, baron location. The three models are the ŠKODA KAMIQ, KAROQ and KADIAQ. ŠKODA give their customers the options of a more compact, mid-sized or large seven-seater SUV when choosing their family car.

The ad also showcases some of the features of the models including strip light indicators, and rear view camera with dash console and parking assistance. A female voice-over then says “The Skoda SUV Family, each as splendid as the next”

The music in the advert

Music: Whirlpool | Artist : Wanda Jackson

The music in the Skoda SUV Family Advert advert is a song called “Whirlpool” recorded in 1962 by American singer-songwriter Wanda Jackson. The song features the lyrics “You’ve got me spinning round and round. Love ain’t good and love ain’t true, in a whirlpool” which we hear in the advert.

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