Skoda – I Gotta Be Me

This advert by Škoda is a new music video campaign for 2019/2020 starring Paloma Faith, The Kingdom Choir, Lady Leshurr, Alexis Ffrench and The Sherlocks. The artists were all asked to interpret their own take on the 1968 song “I’ve Gotta Be Me” by Sammy Davis Jr. The TV commercial is designed to celebrate individuality as a reflection of the car. The tagline is “Driven By Something Different”.

The music in the advert

Music: I’ve Gotta Be Me | Artist: Various Artists

The music in the Skoda I Gotta Be Me commercial is a collaboration between five artists who perform their own styled cover of the 1968 song I’ve Gotta Be Me by American singer and musician Sammy Davis Jr. Below are the five artists and their tracks…

The SherlocksiTunes | Amazon Music

Lady LeshurriTunes | Amazon Music

Paloma FaithiTunes | Amazon Music

Kingdom ChoiriTunes | Amazon Music

Alexis FfrenchiTunes | Amazon Music