SEAT Mii Electric Advert Music

SEAT introduced this new the SEAT Mii advert featuring music by Zambian-Australian singer-songwriter Sampa The Great.

The commercial highlights the fact that the new version of the SEAT Mi is now fully electric, runs up 260 kilometers and goes from 0-50 in less than four seconds.

The Spanish car manufacturer also says that “it’s much more than this, it’s about taking the first step… starting small today, to do big tomorrow”. This highlights their commitment to make the car industry more environmentally friendly. Thankfully a growing trend for many car manufacturers.

SEAT Mii Advert Music
SEAT Mii 2020 Advert

The music in the advert

Music: OMG | Artist : Sampa The Great

The music in the SEAT Mii electric advert is a song called “OMG” released last year by Zambian-Australian singer-songwriter and rapper Sampa Tembo (better known by her stage name “Sampa The Great”.

Sampa Tembo was born in 1993 in Zambia and raised in Botswana then moved to Australia in 2014 to pursue a degree in audio production.

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