Tesco Advert Music – Food Love Stories

This new Tesco Advert titled ‘Food Love Stories’ featuring a song by Tom Odell tells shows us a father and daughter lovingly baking for Grandad for father’s day.

The commercial by the supermarket chain follows the Hobson family who prepare some macaroons for their 2020 Father’s Day celebrations. We see Dom and Amelia preparing the tasty treat to be delivered to Grandad Hobson (abiding by the current social distances rules of course).

The music in the Tesco Food Love Stories advert

Music: Grow Old With Me | Artist : Tom Odell

The music in The 2020 Tesco Food Love Stories advert is a song called ‘Grow Old With Me’ recorded in 2013 by British singer-songwriter Tom Odell. The song features as the fourth single from Odell’s debut solo album ‘Long Way Down’. The Chichester-born artist exploded on to the UK music scene in 2012 with his successful hit EP ‘Song from Another Love’.

Odell’s music is no stranger to TV commercials with his songs featuring on an ITV trailer for the Cheat series. A beautiful Odell cover version of ‘True Colours’ was used in a Sony Bravia advert and of course there was Tom Odell’s famous cover version of the Beatles ‘Real Love’ track for the 2014 John Lewis Christmas ad.

‘Grow Old With Me’ can be downloaded from iTunes and Amazon Music

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