Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – The power to work and play

Samsung promote their Galaxy Note Ultra 5G device with new S Pen. Dubbed as a ‘powerphone’ that works like a computer, the 30-second advert illustrates the diversity of the device. It features the ability to auto-align handwriting, import PDF’s and annotate them and export Samsung Notes as Powerpoint presentations.

On top of all this, the future-proof device has over 100 Xbox games playable on 5G. he advert concludes with the tagline ‘The power to work and play’.

The music in the advert

Music: Blow The Speakers Up | Artist : I Don’t Speak French

The music in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G advert is a song called “Blow The Speakers Up” released this year by indie rock band “I Don’t Speak French”. The collaboration project is lead by Swedish musician and songwriter Håkan Persson.

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