Pampers 2020 Advert Music – PampersForPreemies

This new Pampers 2020 advert has been released featuring music by English indie rock band Athlete.

Pampers are showing us how they’re donating their smallest nappies to premature babies in the UK. In the commercial viewers are shown some moving footage of tiny premature babies being treated in hospitals. The ad goes on to say “When you arrive early, your skin needs special care. Pampers’ smallest nappy helps protect the most delicate skin”.

The music in the advert

Music: Wires | Artist : Athlete

The music in the Pampers 2020 advert is a song called “Wires” released as a single in 2005 by English indie rock band Athlete. The song was the lead single on the band’s second studio album “Tourist” and peaked at number four on the UK Singles Chart.

Written by lead singer Joel Pot, the song is about his daughter who became ill after birth. Pott paid tribute to the hospital worker Ben McQuade, who played a huge part in saving his daughter’s life. A very fitting song to this advert.

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