Peugeot Advert Music – Set You Free

Peugeot promote their electric and hybrid models; the All-New 3008 SUV Hybrid, 2008 SUV range and All-New e-208 city car with this advert. Featuring a cover of a 90’s dance hit, the commercial titled ‘Let’s Reconnect’ shows off the futuristic design both inside and out in these models.

The music in the advert

Music: Set You Free (cover) | Artist : N-Trance

The music in the Peugeot Let’s Reconnect advert is a cover version of the 90’s hit dance song ‘Set You Free’ by N-Trance. The cover version in this ad which lacks the famous piano chords in the background is currently unidentified.

The original dance tune was written and recorded by the English group N-Trance and featured vocals from English dance singer Kelly Llorenna. The song was released as a white label in 1992 then officially released as a single in 1994. A re-released in 1995 was more successful, peaking at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.


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