Paco Rabanne Phantom Advert Song – You Make Me Feel

This new 2021 Paco Rabanne Advert promotes ‘Phantom’, their new fragrance for men. The futuristic ad by the Spanish fashion house features various characters at a club. We see a man arrive in a flying car accompanied by a Paco Rabanne robot.

As they make their way across the dancefloor, they encounter all manor of futuristic characters from enhanced humans to phantoms and robots. Then a woman catches the eye of the man in the club. They then clutch hands before leaving the party.

The Phantom robot in this ad is styled exactly like the robot-shaped bottle that this fragrance is presented in. When you tap your phone on the NFC tag embedded into its head, the bottle welcomes you into its own digital world.

Paco Rabanne Phantom Robot
Paco Rabanne Phantom fragrance robot bottle

Who are the actors in the new Paco Rabanne Advert?

The actors starring in the 2021 Paco Rabanne Phantom advert is Slovakian fashion model David Trulik and Russian model (of Lithuanian descent) Kris Grikaite.

Paco Rabanne Phantom Models:
Paco Rabanne Models, David Trulik / Kris Grikaite

The music in the Paco Rabanne Phantom advert

Music: You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) Remix | Artist : Sylvester

The music in the Paco Rabanne Phantom advert is a remix of the song “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” recorded in 1978 by American disco-soul singer-songwriter Sylvester. The version in the advert is the Soulwax For Despacio Remix.

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