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Michael Cors – Wonderlust

Music: Beyond The Sea (Cover) | Artist : Reneé Dominique

Michael Cors - Wonderlust Song

Fashion brand Michael Cors promote their luxurious Wonderlust fragrance with this advert featuring American fashion model Gigi Hadid. In the commercial we see the model walking along the shore of an island paradise

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Dolce & Gabbana K – Mariano Di Vaio

Music: L’Estasi Dell’Oro (Bandini Remix) | Artist : Ennio Morricone

Dolce & Gabbana K - Advert song”></a></p><p>This new advert video by Dolce & Gabbana promotes their new masculine fragrance ‘K’ with the help of Italian fashion designer and model Mariano Di Valo. The commercial features Mariano walking in the vineyards of the Italian hill town, Montepulciano</p>
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Lancôme IDÔLE – Girl on White Horse

Music: Unstoppable | Artist : Sia

Lancôme IDÔLE - Girl on White Horse

This Lancôme advert video features a girl on a white horse riding the streets of Los Angeles to promote the new IDÔLE fragrance for the French luxury perfume brand. Many

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Valentino – Born In Roma

Music: Roma | Artist : Trinity Ezah

Valentino - Born In Roma

Italian fashion house Valentino have released this short-film advert promoting their new fragrances ‘Born In Roma’. The video stars models Adut Akech and Anwar Hadid exploring Italy by motorcycle.

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Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

Music: Rapper’s Delight | Artist : The Sugarhill Gang

Paco Rabanne - Lady Million Advert Song

This new Paco Rabanne advert promotes their latest women’s Eau de Parfum, Lady Million. As with their previous commercials for Lady Million, the Spanish fashion house campaign set in black and white

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