ITV Euro 2020 Advert music – The Good Times Start Here

ITV have launched a new advert for Euro 2020 starring former England football player and presenter Ian Wright.

The 40-second advert titled “The Good Times Start Here” begins in black and white as it focuses on the former striker who has waited a year for a phone message to inform him that Euro 2020 is finally here. The tournament was delayed by 12 months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic last year.

On hearing the good news, we see Wright’s animated eyes pop out. The ad now fills with colour as a dragon and pair of lions escape from his smartphone. They represent the home nations – England, Scotland and Wales who are all taking part in the competition.

The ad concludes with an excited shot of Wrighty with the tagline “The good times start here”.

The music in the ITV Euro 2020 Ad advert

Music: Don | Artist : Ocean Wisdom

The music in the ITV EURO 2020 Ian Wright advert is a rap song called “Don” released in 2018 by English rapper Ocean Wisdom. The track is taken from Ocean’s second studio album “Wizville”.

Wisdom is becoming known for his exceptionally fast-paced rapping. One of his His largest claims to fame is that of his debut single “Walkin'”, where he delivered lyrics faster than Eminem’s “Rap God” at 4.45 words per second, as opposed to “Rap God’s 4.31.

You can watch and listen to the official YouTube music video below:

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