Expedia Advert Music – All By Myself

This new Expedia advert for titled ‘All By Myself’ features a woman singing the famous power ballad after failing to arrange a decent new holiday.

A female companion whispers to her “I’ll sort this”. She flicks her fingers and the woman’s cramped room expands to much more comfortable accommodation. The companion also helps out when the woman can’t find her hotel. The wise companion also assists when the woman needs a little help in finding the perfect sights and sounds on holiday.

A voice-over in the advert says “Like a great companion, Expedia has your back throughout your journey”. The companion is of course a representation of Expedia itself. The advert concludes with the tagline ‘It matters who you travel with’.

There are two very similar advert from Expedia both having cover version of the “All By Myself” song. Below is the version starring American actress Rashida Jones:

The music in the Expedia 2021-2022 advert

Music: All By Myself | Artist : Eric Carman

The music in the 2021 Expedia advert is a cover version of the song “All By Myself”. Originally recorded in 1975 by American singer-songwriter Eric Carmen, the famous power ballad was the first single from Carmen’s self-titled debut solo LP.

The track reached number 2 in the US Hot 100 Billboard Chart and number 12 in the UK Singles Chart

Cover versions of ‘All By Myself’

Arguably the most famous cover version of All By Myself is the single released by Canadian singer Celine Dion in 1996. The single became one of Dion’s biggest hits in the United States reaching number 4 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reaching the top 10 in charts across most of Europe.

Watch the full track on Celine Dion’s official YouTube video below:

Those TV talent show fans of you will know that this song has been a popular choice among talent show contestants. In the UK the most notable performance has to be that of Leona Lewis’ rendition in the 2006 X-Factor Live final.

The performance blew the judges away along with the audience in the studio and millions of viewers watching live on TV. Watch the full memorable performance on this YouTube video:

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