iPhone 12 Advert – Meet iPhone 12

Apple have released the new iPhone 12 commercial showcasing the new smartphne for 2020. The ad titled ‘Meet iPhone 12’ features a song called Eat Them Apples by Suzi Wu. In the commercial we are shown the new features on the iPhone 12 including 5G connectivity, Dolby Vision, Super XDR display and Ceramic Shield.

We are also told that it houses the world’s most powerful smartphone chip, the A14 Bionic. The ad also features Apple’s new navy Blue version of the iPhone 12.

The music in the iPhone 12 advert

Music: Eat Them Apples | Artist : Suzi Wu

The music in the iPhone 12 commercial is a song called ‘Eat Them Apples’ recorded by London-based musician Suzi Wu (real name Suzie McDermott).

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