Apple iPhone 13 Advert Song – 2021

Apple have launched their iPhone 13 advert in 2021 titled ‘Introducing iPhone 13’ after their launch event on 14 September. In the ad we see our “everyday hero”, a delivery man on a moped. The advert is styled like a movie trailer with the film starring his iPhone 13 as he puts the device through its paces.

The man uses his iPhone 13 for directions on his journey taking advantage of the device’s water resistance, ceramic shield and new cinematic camera mode on the way.

The Apple as also highlights the iPhone 13’s new powerful A15 bionic chip, longer battery life and night mode.

The 90-second commercial then concludes with a girl hitching a ride on the back of the moped as the rider begins to leap in to the air and fly!

The music in the Apple iPhone 13 advert

Music: Work All Day | Artist : Footsie

The music in the iPhone 13 advert is a song called ‘Work All Day’ released in 2014 by grime artist Footsie.

Footsie is one half of grime’s biggest duo, Newham Generals from East London (consisting of MCs D Double E and Footsie).

The song features the lyrics “I put in the work all day, I put in the work all day,
Them man are doing this thing part time, no I’m doing this thing all day”.

Listen to the full track on Footsie’s official YouTube video:

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