iPhone 13 Bike Ride Advert – I look real good today

Apple have released a new advert titled “Doin’ Laps” which features a boy on his bike using his iPhone to record his journey. He rides around his neighbourhood doing laps while listening to music. He rides all day until sunset as the music plays out with the lyrics “I look real good today”.

The commercial aims to demonstrate the model’s battery life capabilities

The music in the iPhone 13 Bike Ride advert

Music: I Look Good | Artist : O.T. Genasis

The music in Apple’s iPhone 13 Bike Ride advert is a song called “I Look Good” released in 2020 by Atlanta-based rapper O.T. Genasis.

Since the release of this advert by Apple, the music video for this track has enjoyed millions of views. O.T. Genasis himself even tweeted the lin “I look real good today” recognising his song had gone viral since the ad aired.

O.T. Genasis is well known for his catchy tunes. His irst major success was in 2014 with his hit “CoCo” perhaps better recognised from the chorus “I’m in love with the coco“.

Listen to the full track and those lyrics “I Look Real Good Today” on O.T. Genasis’ official music video:

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