BMW Every Edge Series 4 – Advert Music

BMW promote the all-new series 4 Coupé with this advert called ‘Enjoy every edge’. The stylish advert featuring a piece of electro-music begins by saying “Edges, some fear them”.

We watch a blue BMW Series 4 racing through abandoned warehouses, urban underpasses and urban streets as the commercial showcases the styling of the car.

The market launch of the BMW Series 4 is from October 2020.

The music in the BMW series 4 Coupé advert

Music: ** no title ** | Artist : Joznez x 2WEI

The music in the new BMW Series 4 advert is an unnamed piece of electro-music produced by Joznez x 2WEI (2weimusic). The music was produced exclusively for the BMW advert however 2weimusic say they may release the track sometime in the future. Watch this space…

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