GoTurkey 2021 Advert Music – Fly Above

This new 2021 advert from Turkish Airlines gives us new hope promoting Turkish Holidays for the new year. This popular ad has returned to our screens for Autumn 2021.

The advert titled “Choose Your Memories” featuring a song called Fly Above invites us to see new cities, new environments and to meet new people. The ad says travellers to Turkey can “fly above or dive under”. Go on a road trip, go sightseeing, experience action or serenity.

The commercial is packed with idyllic holiday scenes. These include a man diving off a cliff in slow motion in to crystal clear sea water below. We then see a couple on a deserted beach followed by a group of people enjoying a road trip, a series of water sports and a couple embracing each other while looking out over a fabulous sunset view.

There has been a flurry of travel advertising campaigns on TV in 2021 as the prospect of Coronavirus vaccines coming online gives us new hope. Recently a UK government advisor has been on record to say that “holidays abroad this summer are extremely unlikely” however this hasn’t stopped travel companies such as GoTurkey from pulling out all the stops to give travellers options for the future.

The music in the Turkish Airlines advert

Music: Fly Above | Artist: Mahmut Orhan & Sena Şener

The violin music in the 2021 Turkish Airlines advert is a song called “Fly Above” produced by Turkish DJ and music producer Mahmut Orhan with vocals provided by 22-year-old Turkish musician and singer Sena Şener.

The song is available to download as a single. The full-length song can be seen in the YouTube video below.

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