GoTurkey advert music – Safe In Turkey

This advert by GoTurkey and Turkish Airlines titled “Safe in Istanbul, Safe in Turkey” shows two women in a restaurant where one says to the other “So, how was Turkey?”. She responds by turning her smartphone to reveal that “firstly it was safe” and “unique at its best”. The advert shows off the sights and sounds of Istanbul including Turkish cuisine. The advert concludes with the hashtag #SafeInIstanbul.

Another similar GoTurkey advert (below) has been released in 2021 titled ‘Choose Your Memories’ which says travelers to Turkey can “fly above or dive under”. Go on a road trip, go sightseeing, experience action or serenity.

The music in the Go Turkey / Turkey Airlines advert

Music: Fly Above | Artist: Mahmut Orhan & Sena Şener

The violin music in the GoTurkey Safe in Turkey advert is a song called “Fly Above” by Mahmut Orhan with vocals provided by Sena Şener. The song is available to download as a single.